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Ready for a Reading Challenge?


New year, new books! Join the TPL Reading Challenge 2021. Think you can read 12 books this year? Piece of cake, you say? What about 12 books in 12 different categories? This is your chance to try something new and choose books you don't usually read.

If you took the challenge last year, the same rules apply. Keep a reading log – in a notebook, on the fridge, inside a hollow log in the woods (okay, maybe not there). At the end of the year you can submit your list online for a chance to win a prize pack!

Here are this year's categories:

  • A book that is someone else's favourite
  • A book that is the first in a series
  • A book set in the future
  • A book about growing older
  • A book by an Indigenous woman or Two-Spirit Indigenous person
  • A book about your heritage or culture
  • A book about someone unlike yourself
  • A book by two or more people
  • A book by an LGBTQ2S+ author
  • A book by or about someone you'd like to meet
  • A book that made you feel comforted or hopeful
  • A book where the main character is not human

Not sure what to read for some of the categories? We're here to help! We'll give recommendations throughout the year, so keep checking back. Happy reading and good luck!