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Service Update

All Toronto Public Library branches are closed to support efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. All programs and room rentals are cancelled. Information about checkouts, holds and library services


Fun Stuff


Check out the Summer Wonder Creativity Challenge to design a dinosaur! Favourite dino?

Favourite hot weather activity?

Favourite summer fruit?

Favourite ice cream flavour?

Favourite ice cream flavour (so many flavours to try!):

How far would you go to escape the heat?

Aside from ketchup, what do you like on hot dogs?

Wonder Wall

Ever wonder how many teeth a shark has or why flamingos are pink? Ask your questions or take a stab at the answers in our polls here

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Jokes & Riddles

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what did the clock say to the other clock?


you're a ding dong

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I start with a M and end with a X. I have a never-ending amount of letters. What am I?


A mailbox!

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What's Barbie's way to cook?