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Service Update

We’re gradually resuming more services in our branches. For health and safety reasons, access to installations in KidsStops and Discovery Zones is limited.
More about our reopening plan and available library services.


Fun Stuff


Favourite food made from pumpkins?

How's back-to-school going? You're feeling:

You're lost in a corn maze! You decide to:

Fall is the perfect season for scary stories! Pick a spooky creature:

The Design-a-Bookmark Contest is back! Are you going to enter?

What do you use as a bookmark?

Wonder Wall

Ever wonder how many teeth a shark has or why flamingos are pink? Ask your questions or take a stab at the answers in our polls here

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Jokes & Riddles

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What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed?


Cookie sheets.

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what did the wall say to the floor?


Meet you at the corner

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What did the arctic say to the desert?


I'm so cool!