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Service Update

All Toronto Public Library branches are closed to support efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. All programs and room rentals are cancelled. Information about checkouts, holds and library services


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Which new book are you looking forward to the most?

Which baby animal is the cutest?

What kind of online library programs do you like best?

School's out! If only you could go back for one day and...

Tired of singing "Happy Birthday"? Best music to wash your hands to:

Wednesday is Takeout Day! Pizza won Round 1 and burritos won Round 2. This time you feel like:

Wonder Wall

Ever wonder how many teeth a shark has or why flamingos are pink? Ask your questions or take a stab at the answers in our polls here

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What do you call a Monkey in a Minefield?



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Why did the banana go to the doctor?


It was not peeling well.

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why did the snowman eat his nose


because it was a caroot