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My Visit to Toronto Public Library:
A Social Story for Everyone

All children are welcome at the library! A social story is a learning tool that describes a new experience or a specific situation. This story can help everyone, including children with disabilities and children who are Deaf, become more familiar with the library ahead of their visit.

Accessible formats

The story is available in accessible formats for kids and families of all abilities. There are many ways to enjoy the story: read, listen, or watch! Find a print version for use in the library.

Would you like to access the story in a format that you don't see here? If so, please contact us at or 416-393-7099.

The photos in the social story were taken at a time when people had to wear masks in the library. Masks are optional now.

My Visit to Toronto Public Library

Picture glossary of library words

The picture glossary explains the library terms that children may be unfamiliar with.

How to Use the Story

Read this story one or more times with your child or students before your library visit. Encourage them ask questions and try to answer the best you can. If you need to, call the library you are visiting and ask.

Note to Parents, Caregivers, and Educators

The purpose of this story is to help you and your child navigate and use Toronto Public Library (TPL). If your child feels anxious about visiting the library or is not sure what to expect, we hope this story will help. TPL branches, including in-person and virtual programs, are safe and welcoming spaces for people of all abilities. If anyone in your family has a disability or is Deaf, we want you to feel comfortable in our branches and online. Please let library staff know how we can help!

Useful Links

  • Accessibility: Learn more about TPL's accessible services, equipment and collections.
  • Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA): Provides books and other materials to library users with print disabilities.
  • Disability: Read Up on It! A booklist with positive Deaf and disability representation in children's books.
  • Programs: Explore in-person or virtual library programs.
  • Ready for Reading (Birth to 5) and TPL Kids (school-aged children): Find reading suggestions and fun activities.
  • Your Library Card: More information on how to get a library card and what you can do with it. A reminder that the library doesn't charge overdue fines on materials checked out on children's library cards.
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