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January Book Club: Crenshaw


Are you 9 to 12 years old? Come join our online book club! Try a different book every month and discuss it with other readers. Our first book of 2021 is Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate.

The cover of the book features a boy sitting on a park bench next to a giant cat. Based on this image, what do you think the story is about? Jot down these first impressions and we'll talk about it at the meeting!

Here are some other questions to guide your reading:

  • When does Crenshaw appear in Jackson's life? What events happen for him to need Crenshaw?

  • How does Jackson's reaction to Crenshaw change through the book? Why does Jackson keep telling him to leave? What is he afraid of when Crenshaw is there?

  • Jackson sometimes feels as if he is the most grown-up member of his family. Can you remember times in the story when he appears to act more grown-up than his parents?

Watch the replay of our discussion. At our next meeting on February 11 we will be discussing It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime. Happy reading!

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