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December Book Club: Rules


Are you 9 to 12 years old? Come join our online book club! Try a different book every month and discuss it with other readers. For our first book we will be reading Rules by Cynthia Lord.

Based on the cover of the book, which features a toy duck and a goldfish, what do you think the book would be about? Jot down these first impressions and we'll talk about it at the meeting!

Here are some other questions to guide your reading:

  • Do you think we need rules in some situations? When can rules be a good thing and when can they be seen as negative?
  • The author's hope in writing this book is to give readers a greater understanding of autism. Do you think she succeeded?
  • How did Catherine, the main character, change by the end of the book? What does she learn about herself and others?

Tune in live for our first meeting, December 17 at 6pm. Your parent or guardian is also invited! A replay will be available after the program.

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