First and Best 2008

Our top picks of the best Canadian children's books for building reading readiness in kids under five. Because the first books you share with your child should also be the best!

Ages: 0-5 years

Chicken, Pig, Cow

Ruth Ohi

Find out what happens when cow is left at home alone and dog stops by for a nap.

It's Moving Day

Pamela Hickman

Follow along as a number of animals make this snug little burrow their home.
Also Available in eBook

Little Panda

Renata Liwska

Little Panda is content to be on his own, while Mother Bear is searching for food, until something disturbs his snooze.
Also Available in eBook

One Watermelon Seed

Celia Barker Lottridge

Count the seeds and anything else you can find in the garden.

A Pocket Can Have a Treasure In It

Kathy Stinson

A place for everything and everything in its place. Familiar sights and sounds greet this little girl as she roams through the farm.
Also Available in eBook

Ready for Winter

Marthe Jocelyn

What do you wear in the winter?

Ready for Spring

Marthe Jocelyn

Spring has arrived. What do you put on?

Ready for Summer

Marthe Jocelyn

Time for summer clothes!

Ready for Autumn

Marthe Jocelyn

What clothes do you wear for the fall?

The Sweetest One of All

Jean Little

Of course, each mother believes that hers is the sweetest one of all. A gentle, repetitive listing of animal mothers and their young.


Cary Fagan

While we aren't so sure what Thing-Thing is, we are definitely certain of what he wants. He wants a child to love him just the way he is.

Time is When

Beth Gleich

A simple explanation of time.

A Visitor for Bear

Bonny Becker

Bear doesnt like visitors, however after some persistence from a friendly mouse, he relents and the result is a new friendship.
Also Available in eBook

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