2020-2021 First Nation Communities READ PMC Indigenous Literature Award

First Nation Communities READ is an annual reading program launched in 2003 by the First Nations public library community in Ontario.

Ages: 0-12


Sus Yoo - The Bear's Medicine

Clayton Gauthier, Danny Alexis and Theresa Austin

A mother bear teaches her cubs survival skills as well as gratitude for the world around them.


I'm Finding My Talk

Rebecca Thomas and Pauline Young

A poem about rediscovering community and finding culture, from sewing regalia to dancing at powwow.

When We Had Sled Dogs

Ida Tremblay and Miriam Körner

Discover the seasonal cycle of trapline life in northern Saskatchewan.

E Meshkwadooniged Mitig - The Trading Tree

Nancy Cooper, Heather Charles, Myrtle Jamieson and Milena Vujanovic

A sugar maple stood on the shore of Lake Simcoe, since the days when Indigenous and early settler families traded goods and stories.

Neekah's Knitting Needles

Sylvia Olsen, Odelia Smith and Sheena Lott

Neekah learns to knit as part of her Coast Salish coming-of-age ceremony.

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