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Service Update

Due to the Grey-Lockdown category restrictions, access to KidsStops and Discovery Zones are unavailable. Learn more.

Welcome Back!


Do you miss visiting libraries? We miss you, too! It's been quite a few months, but we're now open for browsing again. You can choose books from the shelves, sit down and read them, and check them out yourself. Hurray!

Some of our branches are still closed, so check this list before you visit your local library. But we're so glad to see you again! Here's a list of things you can do:

  • Book a computer or use the Wi-Fi
  • Browse the shelves and admire displays like the one at Jones Branch, pictured in this post
  • Pick up holds
  • Sign up for a library card if you don’t have one yet
  • Talk to library staff and ask for help finding your next great read

… so, pretty much all the usual things you do in a library! There are some changes to keep everyone safe. For example:

  • Comics, magazines, toys and in-person programs aren't available for now, but you can find lots of fun stuff to read and do online
  • No snacks allowed (but drinking from water bottles is okay)
  • If it's super busy you might have to wait your turn to go inside


There is more information about our reopening plan here (good for grown-ups to read). Here are the three main things to remember for your visit:


Give other people space
Two smiley faces with an arrow between them showing distancing

Wash your hands regularly

Cartoon hands and soap bubbles showing handwashing

Wear a mask, like the gryphons at Lillian H. Smith Branch!

Entrance to Lillian H. Smith Branch, where two gryphon statues wear masks