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Do octopuses have teeth?


If you want to take a photo of an octopus, don't say "Cheese!" and expect them to smile... because octopuses don't have any teeth!

That doesn't mean that an octopus can't bite and chew its food, which is good news for this meat-eating carnivore. Instead of teeth, octopuses have sharp beaks. They use them to break open things like clam and lobster shells so that they can tear out and eat the yummy insides. Octopuses also have a barbed tongue called a "radula." The spikes on it help them to consume their meals, which might also include shrimp, fish, sharks, even birds.

But remember, just because an octopus can't show you a toothy grin doesn't mean that they don't have any heart — in fact, an octopus has three of them!

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