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Fingerplay: I Had a Little Turtle

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Fingerplays help prepare your child to sound out words as she learns to read. Adding actions help your child break down language into separate words.

I had a little turtle, (Make a fist with thumb sticking out)
He lived in a box. (Cup hands together for a box)
He swam in a puddle. (Wiggle hand for swimming)
He climbed on the rocks. (Fingers climb up other fist)
He snapped at a mosquito, (Snap fingers)
He snapped at a flea, (Snap)
He snapped at a minnow, (Snap)
And he snapped at me! (Snap)

He caught the mosquito, (Clap, gulp)
He caught the flea, (Clap, gulp)
He caught the minnow, (Clap, gulp)
But he didn’t catch me! (Wag pointer finger back and forth)

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