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Hearing Words

Being able to hear the smaller sounds in words helps children sound out written words:

  • Phonological awareness involves hearing the similarities and differences between the sounds that make up words. Being able to identify and create rhymes is part of this important skill.
  • Talking and singing with your child, sharing finger plays, and reading books with rhymes all help prepare your child to sound out words as she learns to read.
  • This section offers some ideas and activities to help your child hear the smaller sounds in words.

Developmental Milestones

Children learn at different rates. You may observe the following behaviours in your child related to the awareness of sounds in words.


  • Can copy sounds and actions you make.
  • Start recognizing words.
  • Use sounds to get attention.


  • Can repeat a familiar rhyme.
  • Can combine words into simple sentences.


  • Show familiarity with rhyming and beginning sounds.
  • Participate in rhyming games.
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