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Take the Reading Challenge!


Cast your mind back to the beginning of the year – wow, remember January? – and you might recall getting a booklet from your library and starting the Mini Reading Challenge. Maybe you even completed it! The challenge was to read seven books in seven different categories:

  • A book that was published before you were born
  • A book that won an award
  • A book about a place you would like to visit
  • A book about an animal
  • A book that teaches you how to do something
  • A book that’s also a movie or TV show
  • A book that your friend liked


The idea is to try something new and choose books you wouldn't normally read. Through our summer polls, you told us that you've been reading more this year. Some of you even lost track of how many books you read for Summer Reading Club! Congratulations!


Have you been keeping a reading log? Do you want a chance to win a prize pack? Well, if you read 12 books this year, you might have already completed our official TPL Reading Challenge without knowing it. Stranger things have happened! There's a bit of overlap with the mini challenge but the categories are mostly different. Here they are:

  • A book that is older than you
  • A book about a real person
  • A book originally written in a language other than your first language
  • A book by an Indigenous author
  • A book that made you laugh
  • A book you picked because you liked the cover or the title
  • A book that celebrates books, reading or libraries
  • A book about something that scares you
  • A book under 200 pages long, or an audiobook under 5 hours long
  • A book you consider a classic
  • A book you found helpful
  • A book that you would like to live in

There's still time to complete the challenge! We have some tips for how to get halfway there. Remember, you need a library card to enter the prize draw. Ask an adult to help you fill out the online entry form. Happy reading and good luck!