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Who invented socks?


Thank goodness for socks! They keep our heels dry and our toes warm but who decided it was a good idea to use socks to cover our feet in the first place?

Socks are a human invention but, like a lot of things, there is some debate as to which ancient civilization can take credit. A type of sock known as “piloi” was first recorded in Ancient Greece back in the 8th century BC. Back then, people wore socks with sandals and these stockings were made from matted animal hair!

The earliest knitted socks were most likely crafted in Ancient Egypt. There is a pair in the collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England which dates back to sometime between 250-420 AD. These woollen socks, thought to be the world’s oldest, were uncovered by 19th century archaeologists digging in Egypt. You can find out more about the history of socks in the Britannica Library online - look up "hosiery," a word for any kind of knitted clothing that you wear on your feet and legs and inside your shoes or boots.

Whether you’re wearing them, using them as puppets, or just trying to remember where you left them, a good pair of socks can help you to always put your best foot forward!

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