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Why do you barf?


Shudder if you agree: throwing up is the worst! Barf, or vomit, is super gross. It feels terrible to be sick and it's awful when you see or hear someone else puking.

There are many possible reasons people throw up. Food poisoning is one of them. If not cooked or handled properly, food can sometimes get contaminated by bacteria. When we eat these microorganisms, they release poisons in our body that make us sick. We could also barf in other situations, like having motion sickness or the side effects of drugs or medications. Since vomiting has different causes, it's important to visit a doctor.

Weird as it may sound, there is a vomiting centre in our brains. It responds to parts of our body that are sick or under stress. An article in Britannica Library explains how our digestive tract moves, trying to get rid of toxic stuff we ate. The muscles contract, starting from the small intestine and moving up – until the contents of our stomach are forced out of the mouth. Yuck!

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