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How did Toronto Blue Jays get their name?


As sports fever takes hold, we have a question this week about a different sports team in Toronto, the Toronto Blue Jays. It's also a timely question as Kawhi "King of the North" Leonard was recently spotted at a Jays game. This week, a TPL Kids website visitor wonders how the Toronto Blue Jays got their name.

For this wonder, we consult The Canadian Encyclopaedia for an answer. In the summer of 1976, the club held a Name the Team contest that drew over 30,000 entries. One of the most popular suggestions was "Blues", but as this had been the name of the University of Toronto's sports teams since the late 1800s, the board of directors decided on another submission, the "Blue Jays". The winner of the contest was Dr. William Mills of Etobicoke, one of the 154 people who had suggested the name.

So...the next time your city is awarded an expansion team, consider submitting an entry for the naming contest.

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