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How much does a library card cost?


This is what library cards looked like 100 years ago! Pretty different from yours, isn't it? We received a bunch of questions about the library, so we're going to answer them all in this post.

Wonder #1: "How much does a library card cost?" Do you live or go to school in Toronto? It's free to get a card! That's right, free access to millions of books and comics and movies, online homework help and so much more. If you don't have a card yet, sign up at a branch near you. Don't forget to bring your mask! (And an adult – you need ID to register.)

P.S. Getting a card may cost you zero dollars, but the value of using the library is worth way more. Check out this cool library calculator!

Wonder #2: "Where does TPL get the library cards?" Great question! We order them from a company that makes cards. Yes, there are places that make cards for all sorts of businesses and organizations – not just library cards, but gift cards, bank cards, key cards.

Wonder #3: "I wonder how to get books online so then I can read at home without coming to the library." There are many ways to use the library from home. One of them is OverDrive, our biggest ebook collection. Log in with your library card number to borrow books or place them on hold. You can read on a computer right in your browser window. Or you could use an eReader, a tablet, even a smartphone. Because there are so many different devices, we made a whole bunch of guides to getting started. Ask a grown-up for help with reading the instructions or downloading the Libby app.

And last but not least, Wonder #4 is from a Long Branch fan, who asked: "How many books are in Long Branch library?" At the time of this post in October 2020, there are 20,353 catalogued books. How many of them have you read?

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