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How were pyramids built so high?


Pyramids can be found in various places around the world, fascinating us with their majesty and mystery. Thanks to archaeology (the scientific study of the material remains of humankind’s past), we can learn more about the things that people created and used and left behind.

Very little is known for sure about how pyramids were constructed. In 2018, a team of archaeologists discovered a system that was used by the ancient Egyptians to build pyramids. It consisted of a ramp bordered by two staircases and posts. Scientists believe a sled attached to ropes would have been used to carry blocks of stone up the ramp, using the posts in a pulley system. This way, workers could carry very heavy loads up the steep ramp. This system goes back to at least the reign of King Khufu, whose Great Pyramid in Giza was built around 2550 BC. That makes this wonder of the ancient world more than four thousand years old. Now that’s engineering!

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