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Listen to classic fables and other great stories like the Three Little Pigs and The Gunniwolf. Stories available in many languages.

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Stories in English Results: 22 stories

Results: 22 stories
  • The Lion and the Mouse

    A mouse promises a mighty lion a favour if he spares his life.

  • Little Rooster's Diamond Button

    A pet rooster uncovers a diamond button, but there's a greedy sultan who also wants the diamond button.

  • Three Little Pigs

    A big bad wolf ruthlessly and meticoulously threatens the homes of a trio of pigs.

  • Tiddalik

    Tiddalik greedily drinks all the water in the pond, leaving nothing for the other animals. Desperate for water the animals hatch a plan to get their water back.

  • Could be Worse

    Jean-Paul discovers his cabin is making too much noise. He seeks out a wise man who offers him some curious advice to stop the noises.

  • Tortoise and the Hare

    A slow and focused tortoise races a fast and unfocused hare.

  • The Pretty Swan

    A swan's egg appears in a mother duck's nest. Raised alongside ducklings, the swan discovers that he's different from the ducklings.

  • The Gunniwolf

    A mother advises her daughter to avoid the forest. Left alone, the daughter visits the forest and encounters a mysterious creature.

  • Little Blue Riding Hood

    A little girl attempts to visit her grandfather's house but encounters a fox on her way there.

  • The North Wind and the Sun

    The north wind challenges the sun to see who is the mightiest.

  • The Little Old Woman in Ketchup Bottle

    An old woman seeks a better home, but quickly becomes unhappy with her new home.

  • Androcles and the Lion

    Androcles helps a lion in distress, but soon Androcles finds himself in a dangerous situation.

  • Nursery Rhymes

    A medley of nursery rhymes.

  • Ralph the Picky Eater

    Ralph enjoys eating familiar foods, but what happens when his favourite foods aren't available?

  • What Do You Look Like When You Are Asleep

    Kara's father sees his daughter asleep and wonders what he looks like when he's asleep.

  • Once Upon a Time

    Suzy goes downtown to visit her mother who works in a candy bar factory.

  • The First Car in the World

    Michael is off to visit his grandmother. Excited to be riding the first car in the world, he is surpised to see another set of headlights in the distance.

  • Master of All Masters

    A young woman is interviewed by a man who uses unique words to describe everyday objects.

  • Fortunately

    Arnold loves telling jokes and riddles, much to the dismay of his brother.

  • The Littlest Dragon

    Dexter the littlest dragon has a busy week of work ahead of him.

  • Dish

    A girl who loves cooking enters a royal competition. While preparing her dish, she discovers something very troubling.

  • How Agouti Lost its Tail

    Animals living in harmony are disrupted by a conflict that threatens their friendships.