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Reading with your child - everywhere, anytime and anything - is the best way to help them become a strong reader. Read books (of course), signs, labels and even cereal boxes!

Children who enjoy books will want to learn to read. Enjoying books together every day is the first step toward developing a love of reading. Sharing a book is an opportunity to bond with your child and to show them that reading is important. These positive, fun and playful experiences with books and stories foster a desire to read and encourage your child to keep trying to read.

Children will especially learn to love to read if they love what they’re reading. Follow your child’s developing interests and let your child choose their own books to read or ask your public librarian to help you find books on the subject your child is interested in.


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Reading Tips

  • While reading, encourage your child to ask and talk about the book. Add to what your child says. If your child says, "Big truck", you might say, "That's right! The firefighter is driving a big, red fire truck!"
  • Help your child understand the story. Ask open ended questions such as: "What do you think is happening in this picture?" As you talk together, your child practices his language and prediction skills.
  • Share books with your child, even your baby, every day and throughout the day. It's helpful to create a special time for reading, such as after dinner, before naps or at bedtime.
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