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Liking Books

Children who enjoy books will want to learn to read:

  • Enjoying books together every day is the first step toward developing a love of reading. Start the day your child is born.
  • Positive, fun and playful experiences with books and stories foster a desire to read and encourage your child to keep trying to read.
  • This section offers some ideas and activities to help you give your child a love of books.

Developmental Milestones

Each child is unique but you may observe these signs that your child is interested in language, books and reading.


  • Respond to your voice and facial expressions.
  • Start to look at picture books with interest and try pointing to objects.


  • May pretend to read books themselves.
  • Begin to understand how to handle books.


  • Enjoy listening to and talking about storybooks.
  • Make attempts to read and write.
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