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Service Update

We’re gradually resuming more services in our branches. For health and safety reasons, access to installations in KidsStops and Discovery Zones is limited.
More about our reopening plan and available library services.

No Library Card? No Problem!


Do you know someone who doesn’t have a library card? Tell them about the Instant Digital Card! They can sign up in less time than it takes to walk to their local library... and remember halfway there that it's closed right now. Unless they have the power of super speed - wait, do you know the Flash?! (Who are you kidding, the Flash has a library card already. All superheroes do.)

With an Instant Digital Card, you can check out ebooks and eaudiobooks from the Toronto Public Library's OverDrive collection. It's our biggest digital collection and everyone is guaranteed to find something they like to read. There is currently no waiting list for the first Harry Potter book, and it's available in many different languages. Read it in Arabic! Read it in Icelandic! Read it in Indonesian!

Instant Digital Cards are temporary and they will all expire on September 1, 2020. You have to be at least 13 years old to sign up, and have a cell phone with a Toronto area code that can receive text messages. So this is something you might want to mention to any older cousins who are always texting on their phones. Tell them to go to this page to learn more.