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I love animals

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August 15th, in the jungles of western Africa, that monkey right there has just been born. Then there was a loud bang. The chimpanzees heard the boom-boom sticks many times before. Most of the chimps run away but the baby was left playing with a coconut The mom saved the baby when the hunters shot her. Limping, the mom brought her baby to an animal shelter and kind humans took the baby in. Mom died a short time after, but the baby lives on.

Posted Feb 22, 2021

Julia (fake name)

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A very wholesome monkey petting his stuffed monkey friend.

Posted Feb 24, 2021


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A monkey is looking at a toy monkey and playing with it while imagining it could move like he does.

Posted Feb 24, 2021


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This is a photo of the famous hollywood monkey show some respect!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted Feb 25, 2021