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Why do elephants and bulls hate red?


A TPL Kids user asked: Why do bulls and elephants hate red?

Let’s focus on each animal separately, starting with bulls. 




Articles in MythBusters and another article in LiveScience managed to bust the myth that bulls hate red. They found that it’s not the red cape that causes a bull to charge, rather it is because someone is waving something at them. Bulls are colourblind so it does not matter what color cape is waved at them. 




Articles in Scientific American and National Geographic noted studies that examined elephant behaviour. Elephants learn to associate scents to danger and can differentiate different languages.  A study conducted in Kenya found that elephants could tell the difference between those wearing red and those wearing other colors. The researchers also noted that to elephants, red is a drab colour. 


So while elephants and bulls don't necessarily hate red, I still wouldn't wave something in front of them. 

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