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Are ghosts real?


This week's wonder asks: "Are ghosts real?" But let's turn the question around and ask you: "Do you believe in ghosts?" 

Since ancient times people have believed in ghosts. Many still believe that the spirits of the dead dwell among the living. It's probably the most popular paranormal belief in the world today. Yet there is still no scientific proof that ghosts exist. Of course, ghosts have always been a popular subject for stories. From books to movies to tales told around the campfire, ghost stories will never die (pun intended!)... but could any of these stories actually be true?

There are people who make a living trying to answer this question. They investigate when people claim to have had a ghostly experience. They use technology like night-vision or thermal imaging cameras that can "see" in the dark or target cold spots. Audio recording equipment is also often used by these ghost hunters. But they have not found any definitive proof that ghosts exist.

It's hard to prove that ghosts are real because the reports of spiritual encounters are so varied. Ghosts can supposedly take on different forms and communicate in different ways. A person's ghost might look like how they did when they were alive. Other times there's just a flicker of light or a cold sensation. Some ghosts aren't seen but heard. A knock. A closing door. A low moan.

When it comes to ghosts, it's really a question of science versus stories. If something hasn't been scientifically proven, does it make it any less real? In the end, the answers are up to "boo!"

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