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Where do bees live?


What goes zzub zzub? A bee flying backwards! Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs! Sure, Jokes & Riddles are the biggest hive of activity here on TPL Kids, but there's also buzz about the Wonder Wall. Today we have a question from a bee-mused visitor!

In the wild, bees could live in many different sheltered places, including the ground. You might have seen combs hanging on tree branches or the sides of a building. Bees can nest in rocks, hollow stems, dead wood or by burrowing into soil or clay. Not all bees live in groups. In fact, most native bees are solitary.

Honey bees are different from native bees. They are farmed or managed by humans. Beekeepers care for colonies of bees which live inside wooden boxes called hives. There are sheets of wax on wooden frames inside, for the bees to use as foundations in building their combs.

Did you know that Toronto is home to over 360 species of bees? But threats like habitat loss, pesticides and climate change are endangering bee populations. One way to help is to grow native plants. We can create pollinator habitats on our balconies and in our backyards. This provides more food for bees and many other pollinators, as well as places to nest and spend the winter.

Are you interested in gardening? Want to help protect pollinators in Toronto? Talk to an adult about creating a pollinator garden in your neighbourhood or at your school. Tell them that they can find out more about the PollinateTO program on the Live Green Toronto website. World Bee Day is on May 20, but we can do our part year-round to make our communities greener.

Keep yourself busy as a bee while reading and learning! We have tons of books about bees. Here are some to get you started.

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