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How deep is the ocean?


A couple of weeks ago, a TPL Kids visitor asked a far-out question: how far the moon is from earth. This week, another TPL Kids user is looking in a different direction and would like to know how deep the ocean is.


Since the depth of the ocean differs by which part of the ocean you’re looking at, let’s find out how deep the deepest part of the ocean is.


According to National Geographic, the Challenger Deep is the deepest point of the ocean with a depth of nearly 11,000 meters. Located in the Mariana Trench, this area was first explored by the H.M.S Challenger in 1875. In that exploration, iron sinkers were dropped to measure the depth. Today, sonar technology is used to get a more accurate reading


In 2012, Canadian James Cameron was the first to do complete a solo visit. However, he was not the first to visit the Challenger Deep. In 1960, an Italian vessel manned by Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh managed to navigate a vessel to the bottom of the Challenger Deep.


Bonus fact: Marianas Trench is also the name of a Canadian pop rock band.

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