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How many animals are extinct?


What do the Corquin Robber Frog, the Desert Bandicoot and the Christmas Island Pipistrelle have in common? They have very interesting names, yes. But sadly, these animals have been declared extinct.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has a list of threatened species called the Red List. At the time of this post in September 2020, there are 782 species and subspecies of animals considered globally extinct. But these are the ones which have been assessed by researchers and scientists. There are animals out there we don't know a lot about, and some we don't even know exist!

Extinction of animals is a huge issue to think about. Scientists have the hard job of figuring out how many different species we have on our planet. Then they identify which ones are in danger of disappearing. We can't always be sure of an exact date of extinction, so it's important to record dates when certain animals were last seen. There have been cases where species that people thought were extinct turned out to still be alive and kicking.

You can help raise awareness to protect animals. Learn about endangered species and poaching. Read books, ask questions and share knowledge. If your family visits a zoo or aquarium, find out more about their conservation programs. We can all do our part to fight extinction!

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