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Service Update

We’re gradually resuming more services in our branches. For health and safety reasons, access to installations in KidsStops and Discovery Zones is limited.
More about our reopening plan and available library services.


Blast Off Trivia!


The inner core of the Earth is ____ km below the surface

How many moons does Jupiter have?

How long does it take for the light emitted by the sun to reach Earth?

When was the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) established?

What galaxy do we call home?

Which animal has been to space?

What is the name of Saturn's biggest moon?

There are volcanoes on Mars.

You can see the Great Wall of China from space without any special equipment

When stars that are at least eight times bigger than the Sun die and explode, it is called a supernova.

Pluto's status as a solar planet was changed to a dwarf planet in 2006.

How many moons does Saturn have?

Which one of the following is correctly spelled?

What is the third planet from the Sun?

What keeps the sun spinning?

What is the name of NASA’s most famous space telescope?