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Adventure Awaits!

Aug 04, 2020

Hey, Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans! Did you know that Rowley Jefferson, Greg Heffley's best friend, has his own spinoff series? The new book comes out today and you can place it on hold right now if you haven't already. Don't miss Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventure!

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Trees are Magical!

Jul 30, 2020

Do you have a favourite tree in your neighbourhood? Maybe it’s in your local park and you like sitting in its shade to enjoy a book or a picnic. Or it grows right outside your window and birdsong wakes you up in the morning. Do you have a memory of a lovely fall day, walking past a row of trees with leaves crunching beneath your feet? Or maybe you love trees the most in wintertime, whe...

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Creativity Challenge: Graffiti Prints

Jul 27, 2020

Welcome back to Summer Wonder at Home Creativity Challenges! Every Monday until August 31, there will be a new challenge for you to build, create, design or discover with your family using materials you have at home. So far we've designed dinosaurs and dream libraries, and also built

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