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Black Lives Matter

Jun 12, 2020

Black lives matter. Anyone who tries to tell you they don't is wrong, period. Anyone who argues that all lives matter is missing the point, or pretending not to understand. Nobody is saying that the lives of other people don't matter. The issue is that Black lives are in danger, and we can all do something to help.

If you're not sure what you can do in the fight against...

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Ready to Pick Up Your Holds?

Jun 05, 2020

Tell your family, tell your friends! The library now has curbside service. If you have holds that have been waiting for you, it's finally time to pick them up. Hurray!

Here's how it works: branches are still closed, but you can make an appointment for curbside pick-up at some locations. When you get an email or phone call that your holds are ready, you can go onli...

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Asian Heritage Month: United in Diversity

May 23, 2020

If only we had a way of exploring the world and travelling through time, all while staying at home. Wait a minute... we can easily do that, through books! OverDrive has an Asian Heritage Month ebook collection where you can discover great new authors and fun activities. Keep in mind that Asia is the largest continent...

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