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Gary Paulsen, 1939–2021

Oct 18, 2021

Author Gary Paulsen passed away on October 13. He was 82 years old. You might have read his most famous book Hatchet, the story of a kid stranded in the forest after a plane crash.

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Reading Challenge: A Book about Someone Unlike Yourself

Oct 08, 2021

This Reading Challenge category is wide open! You can pick a book where the main character lives in a different time or place. Or they simply look different from you. They could be loud and outgoing while you're quiet and shy, or vice versa. Maybe you admire them for skills you'd like to gain. Maybe they even have superpowers!


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5 Ways to Celebrate Canadian Library Month

Oct 04, 2021

Fall means apples and pumpkins, leaves turning red and gold, busy animals getting ready for hibernation and busy ghosts getting ready for haunting. Oh, and celebrating Canadian Library Month in October! We have some ideas for how to do that:

1. Enter our annual Design-a-Bookmark Contest. You can pick up your contest entry form at any open branch or bookmobile, or you can

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