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Winter Break is Here!

Dec 17, 2021

Happy holidays! Are you hoping for lots of snow? Whether you're looking forward to sledding or skating or just an epic snowball fight, winter seems more festive with snow. It can feel magical to simply stay inside and watch the snow fall, too. Put on your coziest pajamas and socks, drink some hot chocolate and read your library books! Aside from books, we're also here for you wi...

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Reading Challenge: A Book where the Main Character is Not Human

Dec 14, 2021

So close to the finish line, and the winter holidays! We hope the last Reading Challenge category is a piece of (fruit)cake for you. Non-human characters star in all sorts of stories, including some of today's most popular series. Dog Man, Geronimo Stilton, Wings of Fire... how many other examples can you think of?

Once you've che...

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