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Get a Library Card



If you live or go to school in Toronto, your library card is free! Just bring your parent (or legal guardian) and some I.D. that shows your current name and address.  A library card lets you borrow most books and CDs for three weeks, and most DVDs for one week.

Renewing and Reserving

If no one else is waiting for them, you can renew most items three times. Call 416-395-5505 or your local branch. You can also renew or place holds on books and other stuff through

Overdue Books

When books and other items are returned late, you have to pay overdue fines. It costs 10¢ a day for items on a child's card and more for items on other cards. 

Library Fines

If books are returned late, then overdue fines are charged. 
On a child's card the fines are 10¢ per item, per day. There is a maximum fine of $4.00 per item on a child's card. If your fines go up to $30.00, you won't be allowed to borrow any more items.