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Hello, Spring Break!


March Break is different this year. (Hey, remember how March Break last year just... never ended? That was weird.) First of all, it's not in March. But we're still here with books, stories and exciting programs for you. We think that April Break doesn't have the same ring to it, so we're calling it Spring Break instead. Are you ready to spring into action? Let's go!

Visit your local library to pick up your holds, borrow a grab & go bag or get a free Spring Break Activity Bag! Each bag contains fun activities you can do together with your family. They're available from April 10 to 17, while supplies last.

Green paper bag and Spring Break activity booklet

Here are more things you can do with your family:

  • call Dial-a-Story at 416-395-5400
  • go on a safe, socially distanced photo walk
  • make something, like origami or a flipbook
  • write poems
  • bake cookies
  • read something new (take our official Reading Challenge!)
  • draw your own comics
  • plant something
  • explore coding (check out our Minecraft, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Frozen themed workshops)
  • tune into our Spring Break online programs

We've invited lots of special guests to celebrate Spring Break!

Monsieur Philippe à la rencontre des animaux
À travers des chansons traditionnelles nous allons découvrir des animaux, des mammifères, des poissons et des oiseaux. Nous allons pouvoir parler des noms des animaux de leurs tailles, des différentes couleurs de leurs attitudes à travers des chansons à gestes.

Crazy Concoctions with Mad Science
Can chemistry create a giant foam snake and let a genie out of a bottle? You bet! Don't miss these spectacular science experiments. Replay available to watch until April 27.

The Amazing Magic Mel
Find your inner magic during this hilarious and interactive virtual magic show. April 14, 11am.

Author Visit: Saumiya Balasubramaniam
What inspired Saumiya to write When I Found Grandma? Discover the meaning of different objects in the story and how a book is created. Replay available to watch until May 31.

The Rainbow Beat Music & Puppet Show
The audience will be able to interact with the puppets in between the songs! Got a younger sibling? They'll love singing and dancing along. Replay available.