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Forest of Reading: Awesome Author Visits


We have some very cool guests lined up in April! Here's your chance to meet four Canadian authors and ask them questions. Is your school participating in Forest of Reading? Classes are invited to join these online events because they happen during the school day, so tell your teachers.

Tanya Lloyd Kyi presents Under Pressure: The Science of Stress
Nominated for the Yellow Cedar Award, Under Pressure is full of fascinating facts about stress. We all experience that sweaty, heart-racing feeling. But while it may have helped our ancestors as they fought off lions, it isn't always helpful in our modern lives. Tanya will share stories of wacky historical experiments and stress-busting tips. Replay available to watch until April 22.

Rina Singh presents Grandmother School
Based on a true story from a village in India, Grandmother School is nominated for the Blue Spruce Award. Rina will discuss how a book comes together, from the first idea and through the re-writing process. Be inspired and get creative! Replay available to watch until April 23.

Gillian Goerz presents Graphic Novels and Comics
Gillian's book Shirley and Jamila Save Their Summer is nominated for the Silver Birch Fiction Award. Learn how she created her first graphic novel, from early sketches to finished pages! Friday, April 23, 2pm.

Mireille Messier présente Sergent Billy
Nominé pour Le prix Mélèze. Mireille vous racontera non seulement une mais deux histoires - celle de son album Sergent Billy: La vraie histoire du chevreau devenu soldat, et celle des événements historiques qui ont inspiré ce récit de résilience et de bravoure. Wednesday, April 28, 2pm.