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Nai Choir Book Preview: Zahra and the Lost Voices


You're invited on an epic quest! Join us on Saturday for a fun afternoon of music, activities and a special book preview of Zahra and the Lost Voices.

Travel with Zahra around the world and help her find the lost voices stolen from her village by an evil wizard. Along the way, you'll meet an eagle, a mermaid, a firefly and kids living in different countries. It's an adventure story that celebrates the joy of singing, created by the CultureLink Nai Kids Choir and the Connecting Culture and Childhood Project at York University.

The Nai Kids Choir started in 2016. The word Nai means the "sound of the flute" in Arabic. The choir helps Syrian refugee children to adapt to their new life in Canada. Based in Toronto, the group has grown and the kids continue to have fun singing and meeting new friends.

Most kids in the choir are 6 to 12 years old. The choir lets kids have fun, through the healing, learning and joyful power of music. As one Nai member says, "I will keep singing forever. I love to sing. Music helps me make friends and it brings people together because of how fun and important it is. At Nai, the people are so friendly and you get to learn new music, new languages and people make you feel welcome."

Don't miss the exciting preview of Zahra and the Lost Voices! Register here or tune in on Saturday, March 27.