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An old house with a water stream thing and a kid that looks curious idk

Posted Mar 07, 2021


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An old day. The kid (let’s call him.. Seon!) Seon and his parents came to their dead grandma’s house. Seon was looking around the house till he came to the waterfall. (They are not allowed to go in the house.) Seon looked around until someone or something caught his eye. That someone was his dead great grandma that was killed by his father's grandma. She wanted revenge. She told Seon to come closer. The water was running fast! He could drown! His parents caught him going near the water and told Seon to move back and go back to his parents. Seon the obedient boy he was obeyed, he went back to his parents. They later sold the old house. The old lady ghost was never EVER to be seen again. The end!

Posted Mar 12, 2021


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I think maybe the dam broke and the child is surprised to see that.

Posted Mar 13, 2021