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All Toronto Public Library branches are closed to support efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. All programs and room rentals are cancelled. Information about checkouts, holds and library services


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town under the man

Posted Jun 19, 2020


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Oh, just taking my daily walk

Posted Jun 23, 2020


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One day there was a man named Greg. Greg had a special talent for gymnastics. He wanted to show everyone his ability. So he decided to make a show high above the buildings and the tallest skyscrapers. He would walk on a tightrope across the city. So the next day he was showing everybody his talent and everybody loved it. He even ended up in the Guinness World Records of amazing things that people do. Soon he was known across the globe. And he became very rich and lived happily ever after. THE END

Posted Jun 28, 2020


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This is a photo of a boy walking on a rope.

Posted Jun 29, 2020


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Just getting a birds eye view!

Posted Jun 29, 2020

yuk yuk yamma jamma$$$$$$$$$$$

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I kinda thought the streetcar would be here by now.

Posted Jun 29, 2020


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One day a man named Harold was bored. He was so bored that he was going for anything anyone said. So he put up a sign that said "Call it a dare do you have one?" After a few days someone wrote down a dare for him to do. They challenged him to walk over a wire across the city. Surprisingly he took the dare and actually did it! Then for proof he even took a picture with his phone on the top of the wire. One really surprising thing was that he did not fall up there even though he did not have any hobby or talent in gymnastics! So when he gave the person proof, the person who gave him the dare told his friends and his friends told others and his family and his cousins and soon he was known worldwide! After the government found out they hired him as a person in a circus that walks the tightrope. And this was no ordinary circus, this was the highest, funniest and most amazing circus known around the world! He was paid a lot for doing this job and Harold himself was so surprised that one small dare could change his whole life reputation! Lots of people came to his circus and he was soon famous and lived an outstanding life as a circus actor! So it was a happily ever after. 😃 THE END! 😃

Posted Jul 02, 2020