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Once, a boy went to take a walk with his father. "Dad," he said. "That tree looks yummy!" "No, no" said his father. "Trees are not not edible." "WAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" screamed the boy. "Fine," said the father. "I'll allow you to take just one bite." Pictured: the boy is about to take a bite of the tree.

Posted Mar 03, 2021

My silly story

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Once a family went for a walk. The mother said she would go buy some bread. Then the boy saw a treehouse and said "Dad can I try to get up to that treehouse" and dad replied "Ok but don't take too long." "Ok" said the boy. Then he bit the tree and it fell.

Posted Mar 04, 2021


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Once upon a time there was this boy walking with his dad and then he saw a tree dripping. Then he said ME WANT TRY SOME MAPLE SYRUP so he let him do it. So he drank some and said PHWWHHH YUCKY! Then his dad said it's not maple syrup YET! Then the boy said WHY DIDNT U SAY DAT IN DA FIRST PLACE!? The End hope u like my story PeOpLe

Posted Mar 07, 2021


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Maybe the kid is shouting because he saw a squirrel and maybe the kid is shouting to dad to look at that squirrel.

Posted Mar 13, 2021