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he is breaking in to the locker because he left something in someone else's locker, and they are coming so he tries to fix it.

Posted Feb 22, 2021

This is a secret message...

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There is an important package in the mailbox. The guy with the mustache is Dr. Mustachio, an evil- well, either scientist or a politician. Nobody knows. He looks like he's trying to get in to get the package! Who will be the unlikely hero of this story? Who will thwart Dr. Mustachio? His son? A spy? A retired person? A superhero? A regular kid? Or a unicorn ninja? (OK, I'm not so sure about the last one) Aw, nuts. My phone's run-

Posted Feb 22, 2021

cool k

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The man was trying to get his mail but the little door was locked! He could not open it because he did not have the key.So he stole a gas part to use as a key but it did not work so he tried kicking it but no. He tried hammering it but still no. He tried everything! But he finally got it open by melting the whole mail stand. He saw nothing in the cabinet, then he realized he already got his mail yesterday morning! Oh boy was he in trouble he melted everyone else's mail! He might have to move neighbourhoods!

Posted Feb 22, 2021

H m

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Very sneaky business

Posted Feb 24, 2021