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Sunflower! 🌻

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So, this boy 👦🏾 wanted to be Jack from Jack and the beanstalk. But his mother would not let him, so he grew a sunflower 🌻. He kept it growing, and he kept dreaming. He never got to climb the sunflower 🌻 in the end, BUT he never ended dreaming. Once the man said: I had fun growing you. Now I will call you, Jack. That is what the man 👨 said to the sunflower 🌻.

Posted Apr 22, 2021

One Special Seed 🌱⏫🌻

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A mom gave a seed to her son about 40 years ago --- but he wanted a pet. He said "Why do I have to have this SEED when I can have a DOG!?" Mom replied: "With a little patience, love and extra care, it will blossom into something beautiful." The boy replied "I AIN'T NO FARMER!" and stormed away. A year later, Mom got seriously ill. "Here. Take this seed. It'll remind you of me." she said. The boy replied: "But Mom, last time you gave me a sunflower seed, I shooed it away like a fly - why should I try it again?" "Just remember, with a little patience, love and extra care, it'll blossom into something beautiful." And she passed away. 40 years later, the man is now married and has kids. Two times a week, he waters a sunflower, saying: "I love you Mom. And thank you."

Posted May 03, 2021


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There's a man touching a leaf of his tall dandelion.

Posted May 04, 2021